17-19 Sep 2018 Berlin (Germany)

Keynote speakers

Pr. Damiano Casalino, TU Delft (Netherlands) : Hybrid LBM/VLES simulations: one method for industrial applications and fundamental studies
Pr. Hui Hu
, Iowa State University (USA) : Development of Advanced Flow Diagnostic Techniques to Characterize Complex Multiphase Flows
Dr.-Ing. Vittorio Michelassi, General Electric (Germany) : Turbomachinery Research and Design: The Role of DNS and LES in Industry
Pr. Thomas Rung, Hamburg University of Technology (Germany) : Scrutinizing the performance of under-resolved, model-free LBM simulations for attached and separated turbulent shear flows 
Pr. Paul Tucker, University of Cambridge (UK) : Hybrid RANS-LES Modelling of Turbomachinery Flows

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